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ESSX Europe: we are about delivering world class ESSX pole vault poles to Europe.



We are the proprietors and founders of ESSX Europe.

Since we were both world class pole vaulter for many years, we understand pole vaulting is a sport that is very challenging. Making sure the athlete has the correct pole is a key factor in PR’s. UST ESSX has had success in supporting their US customers by having two American pole vault greats (Tye Harvey and Jeremy Scott) assist their customers with their knowledge. We share the same philosophy and values. We believe supporting and consulting our customers to make the right choice of poles really makes the difference for their success. That’s why we have not just simply set up a trade company but have also chosen an HQ location which allows pole vaulters to come visit us and test our poles.

ESSX Europe is based on the track and field facility in Sittard (Netherlands), which is a one hour drive from Düsseldorf, Cologne and Brussels airport and about two hours from Amsterdam airport making it a good base for not only distributing poles in Europe, but also for competing in Europe and preparing for competitions.

Sittard has an indoor and outdoor track. Indoor only 80m sprint and of course a pole-vault pit and long-jump. There is an Olympic weightlifting gym and best of all we work together with a short stay facility.

Please contact us if you are an overseas athlete looking for a central base over the summer season, while you’re competing in Europe or you just want to come visit us on our training site to test our poles. 

If you have a specific question please contact us

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