ESSX Launch pole vault pole 3m05

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The ultimate beginners pole vault pole: ESSX Launch glassfiber compsite pole vault pole 3m05 long


One indicator we momentarily use to measure the variety in stiffness is Flex numbers. For ESSX poles the best and most practical way to indicate these differences is by selecting poles on soft-, middle or hard flex. Flexes are measured in mm and thus on the large scale these are minor differences, but when completing a set of poles looking at the desired flex range gives you a perfect way to transfer between poles.

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ESSX Launch pole vault pole 3m05

The ESSX lauch pole vault pole is the fiberglass line of vaulting poles with the same logic and progression strategies used in our Recoil line. By focusing on load cell transitions, the Launch vaulting poles will have a smooth progression from bottom to top and a better blend into the carbon-based Recoil pole vault poles line. Athletes will also notice the same features that have made our Recoil the most coveted pole on the market, such as lighter carry weight and a very small diameter, and very easy roll to vertical.

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